Uber Reveals Thousands of Sexual Assault Reports Last Year

Uber has just revealed their first safety report which covers the sexual assault. According to the report in 2017, Uber had received 2936 reports which pertained to the sexual assaults and later in 2018, they received 3045 reports. Despite the increment in the numbers, Uber saw a reduction of 16% in average incident rate that suggests that the company increased the focus on the safety issue.

Uber has categorized the sexual assaults into 5 subcategories including: i) non-consensual kissing of non-sexual body part, ii) attempted to non-consensual sexual penetration, iii) non-consensual touching of a sexual body part, iv) non-consensual kissing of a sexual body part, and v) the non-consensual sexual penetration.

The last category, which is actually rape, the Uber had received 229 reports of rape incidence in 2017 which increased to 235 in 2018. According to Uber, throughout the entire 2017 and 2018, the incidents occurred 0.000002% in the trips.

Uber, in their report, wrote that those report were rare and each of the report represented an individual who had come forward to share the intensely painful experience.

To make it clear, the reported assaults happened to both drivers as well as riders. Uber, though found the riders account for half of the victims within the 5 subcategories. Uber has been under the scrutiny for the safety practices. In 2017, a woman was raped by the Uber driver in India, and she filed a lawsuit against the company because of violating her privacy. In an independent investigation carried out by CNN, Uber had 103 drivers who were accused of sexual assault or abusing the passengers.

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