Uber Has Launched a Shift-Work Finder App – Starting in Chicago

Have you ever thought what will you do when your current business is making loss and you are having to warn the investors like it will never turn into a profit and at the same time it is under regulatory and increasing legal?

Uber is not doing it exactly but officialy it has announced about the launch of a new app to match the shift workers with their shifts. It is called the Uber works that work in the partnership with the staffing agencies.

Their announcement has confirmed by the report carried by the Financial Times about a year ago. The report revealed that Uber sometimes gets into the food delivery system and even buys the micro-mobility trends. In a blog post about the works of Uber has stated that the commitment to the delivery services support the skill-up leveling as well as to promote the re-entry of the work. The company wrote that the partnership with several organizations can support the workers in their journey of employment.

Uber now is like giving a try to find lesser bumpy path for profits and it occurs via a matchmaking platform for the workers as they are employed by several staffing agencies. It has been posted in the blog posts of Uber where they wrote to their employee to pay and handle the benefits. All that Uber wants to be, is a technology provider to their staffing agencies and offers a platform which matches the workers of the agency for the available shifts such as a prep cooks, a warehouse worker, event staff as well as commercial cleaner.

Uber, again is hoping to cast as a tech platform. It can be by the partnership with the staffing agencies and they hope that there will be less legal risk involved in the future.


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