Uber Has Expanded the Eats Delivery Product to 20 more Countries

Uber is a word renowned platform that is designed for various corporate customers. Recently, Uber has decided to expand its specialized food delivery products Eats over around 20 countries this year. As for pandemic COVID-19’s deadly threat, people have to work from home. This situation has raised the demand for Eats products all over the world.

Uber has already kicked off the expansion, starting with Canada, UK, France and Brazil. This kicks off took place on Wednesday.

Uber is generally a ride-hailing company. In2014 it has launched Business for Uber in an aim to provide companies aninstrument that would streamline payments for their rides taken by their clients and employees. The platform includes a corporate version of the Uber Eats App. The app was a demand for that time. This app enables companies to set meal programs so that employees and workers can order their food at specific or pre-determined times and locations. The app also helps them build a spending allowance.

Uber had a prior plan to expand Eats products in different countries. They have just accelerated those prior plans for the rise of coronavirus. The government of many countries ordered and issued stay at home to prevent further spread of the virus. In this critical condition, Uber wants to help people so they have made this expansion quickly.

Just in March, Uber for Business active consumers using Eats raised to 28% from the month before. To make it more valuable, the company also added some new features to Eats products like the employees are now be able to use their personal, corporate cards and manage their orders through their business profile on the Eats app or even on the website.

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