Twitter Has Made It Obligatory to Work from Home Because of COVID-19

Today, Twitter has said that because of the outbreak of coronavirus, it is now mandatory for all workers to work from their homes across the whole world. In the announcement, the company mentioned that they understand this is an uncommon way, but the times are also uncommon.

Officially, yesterday, the World Health Organization announced COVID-19 a pandemic. Across 114 countries, currently, there are 118,000 reported cases. Also, death has passed over 4000.

The company said that it would aid every employee, including the contractors and workers who work in hourly contracts. Also, the company will cover all the expenses to set up home offices. Vendors, contractors, as well as hourly workers who are not able to work from home, will also get paid because of their standard working hours. Twitter said that it would also cover daycare expenses that the parents may have if their general daycares shut down because of COVID-19.

The inclusion and diversity from the Twitter group also will grab a virtual #FlockTalk”. It is an employee support program to explain how news around coronavirus is affecting people in various ways, how offices and schools are being closed, and how it has now become a serious concern.

On 2nd March 2020, Twitter declared that it was highly encouraging for the workers to work from their own home and making obligatory for the employees in Hong Kong, South Korea, as well as in Japan because of government restrictions. In today’s announcement, Twitter mentioned that it is developing the policy worldwide as their first priority is to ensure safety, and they have responsibilities to provide support to their communities.

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