Twitter Co-founder Biz Stone Backs Tutoring Platform Scoodle

Scoodle is a UK based startup firm which wants to aid the tutors to become influencers, is revealing $760,000 in the pre-seed funding. Backing this round is the co-founder of Twitter – Biz Stone along with the Tiny VC, IFG Ventures and some unnamed investors. Scoodle is also the 1st edtech firm to join the University of the Oxford’s accelerator in Oxford Foundry.

Scoodle was first launched in the late 2018, and might be thought as the Quora-meets-tutoring. The platform lets the students to post their questions and teachers are then invited to answer those questions and thus those teachers can improve their reputation and their influence, which in turn will aid them to generate more tutoring work. Also, they can create a descriptive profile and can share their learning as a way of illustrating their expertise. The CEO and Co-founder named Ismail Jeilani who worked at Google has said that the idea was from his experience tutoring so that he could save for the university and could avoid taking the student loan. He told to TechCrunch that finding good tutors was tough as parents don’t know what they should look for. They solved that problem with a content-drive approach, and their tutors shared contents like learning resources on the profiles that the parents got to see before booking the lesson, and through that approach, tutors started to expand their brands like an educator’s LinkedIn.

In UK, the tutoring space involves companies such as myTutor, Tutorful, Tutorhunt, but remains fragmented. Jeilani said that the key differentiator of Scoodle is to remain focused on the tutor branding driven by contents.

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