Trump Gets on Twitch

The reelection campaign of USA will be live-streamed. The US president Donald Trump finally has joined the Amazon-owned live streaming platform named Twitch. Twitch is known as social video streaming platform for the gamers but it does not host any other contents which include politics. But the verified Twitch account of Donald Trump as spotted earlier by the Reuters. The account has one video in recent broadcast section which was: A live stream of Trump rally that took place in the Minneapolis yesterday evening.

This saved video of broadcast is growing the selection of the users who are generating clips culled from stream, and also with titles like “This is our president.”, “LOL”, “pepe laugh”, and “KEK”.

Donald Trump is not the only one who is a high profile US politician to take the Twitch to broadcast the campaign rallies ahead of the presidential election of next year. Democratic senator named Bernie Sanders is making pitch to be a presidential candidate of the party. He has also joined the platform few months ago. At time of writing, Bernie Sanders has more followers than Donald Trump on Twitch. Bernie has the followers of 88,795 while Trump has only 37,754.

Trump has now dabbled with using his own video streaming tool of Twitter, Periscope. However the choice of Twitch for streaming the campaign rallies seems like a case of horses for the courses. Troll culture is also thriving on the Twitch and Trump is the edge lord of trolls. With Periscope, Twitter is taking a strong approach to tackle abusive comments in these years and certainly now the CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey has more sufficient flying his way on whatever Donald Trump chooses to tweet next.

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