Together with Portfolio Company AMP Robotics, Sidewalk Labs Launches Recycling Pilot in Toronto

Cities around the world are struggling with their waste only a year after China has stopped receiving global trash. New York, Paris, London are trying to find new deal to care with their trash of which china once used to accept 70% of world’s trash.

By 2026, Toronto city government is focusing on a 70 percent decrease of recyclables as well as organics waste to landfills or disposal.

Organizing trash from multi-tenant residences for recycling and landfill is one common difficulty in cities to obtain the goal. AMP Robotics, a portfolio company and Sidewalk Labs are launching a pilot program that would manage detailed information about waste recycling habits of 250 units of single apartment.

Sidewalk Lab’s Associate Director of Sustainability, Emily Kildow says, it’s hard to sort multi-family building as single family has a high rate of diversion around 60-70%.

Sidewalk labs will transport trash working with the waste hauler, to Canada Fiber material recovery facility to sort the trash with the help of AMP robotics. They will also inform the residents about the recycling of trash which will provide the residents an opportunity of recycling wastes and their habits of recycle.

Sidewalk is quite attentive of the privacy concerns which could easily arise from having the trash monitored by its portfolio company. So, in concert with the city, the company had created a process called Responsible Data Use Assessment and also is encouraging the residents that any collected data will be aggregated and only will concentrate on the types of waste that’s being thrown out.

Sidewalk is additionally mindful of the protecting privacy issue that could emerge from having the garbage checked by its portfolio organization, so working together with the city, the organization made a Responsible Data Use Assessment process and is guaranteeing occupants that any information gathered will be de-recognized and accumulated and just spotlight on the kinds of waste that is being tossed out.

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