TikTok Apologizes for Removing a Viral Video about Abuses against the Uighurs, Blames a “Human Moderation Error”

Recently TikTok has issued an apology to a teenager girl whose account was suspended soon after posting a video which asked the viewers to observe and investigate the persecution of the Uighur people as well as other Muslim groups across Xinjiang. TikTok included said that the video had been removed after 4 days because of a human moderation error, and the video even didn’t violate the community guidelines of the platform.

The name of the user was Feroza Aziz and she explains herseld in the Twitter profile as a Muslim who is trying to spread the awareness. She rejected this TikTok claims and tweeted that she didn’t believe that the TikTok authority had taken away due to the unrelated satirical video which had been deleted on an already deleted account of her, right after she had finished posting 3 part video about Uighurs.

The video which was removed by the TikTok, Feroza Aziz was telling her viewers to utilize a curler for eyelash and before telling the viewers to put down she told them to use their phones and to search the things which were happening in China and how the innocent Muslims were being thrown away, being kidnapped, murdered, forcing them to eat the pork, drinking converting to other religion and so on. Actually this is another holocaust and there is no one to talk about the issue. TikTok, which is owned by ByteDance, claimed that the removal of the video was due to the pressure from the Chinese Communist Party.

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