This Robot Scientist Has Conducted 100,00 Experiments in a Year

Science is really exciting in the theory, unfortunately in can be dreadfully dull too. There are several experiments which require hundreds and even thousands of trials and repetitions which is a great chance to automate. This is what the MIT scientists have done. They have created a robot which can perform a specific experiment, observe the result and also can plan to move forward. The robot has now completed 100,000 times to run the experiment since the time it has been launched.

The field of the fluid dynamics deals with a lot of unpredictable and complex forces. Sometimes the better way to understand it is to rerun the experiment over and over till the patterns emerge. One of the observations which need to be carried out as the vortex induced vibration, a type of disturbance which matters a lot for designing the ships that travel through the water effectively.

The researchers have stated in their research published in Science Robotics that the ITT had already conducted around 100,000 experiments. The tough part was about the design of the robot while the logic lets that understands at the surface level to speak. However, a human must observe each trial as well as the parameters randomly and have to decide how to progress.

The team wrote that the invention could be a potential paradigm shift for conducting researches where computers, robots as well as human could collaborate to progress the discovery and also to search effectively which were impracticable with conventional approach.

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