The U.S. Now Has the Largest Number of Cases of COVID-19 Infection

In the latest estimation, things are turning quite unfortunate for the United States. Yesterday, coronavirus surpassed every anticipation for the U.S. By afternoon on Thursday; the country has reported a number 82,404 as confirmed cases of COVID-19. Currently, it is the highest number of cases reported by a country. China takes the second position with 81,782 confirmed cases, and Italy has come down to the third position with approximately 80,589 cases.


So, what does make the country to climb up the ladder suddenly so fast? Specialists are pointing their fingers at not being able to convey a complete test all over the U.S. in past weeks. They say that the number was low before yesterday’s report cause the U.S. had run testing only in the most affected and certain other areas. Now, as they have started to run testing in more areas, the number is rising. To get a more realistic picture, they need to convey the process all over the U.S. as soon as possible.


Due to many reasons in some provinces of the United States, testing people has become difficult. People are waiting for hours before being tested. Sometimes they have to go back home even after waiting that long. In the meantime, the number of infected people is alarmingly going up seamlessly. There are now 1,000 people dead in the U.S. from coronavirus.

For some unfortunate reasons, the federal government occurred a delay in providing test kits to the health care professional. That is one of the critical factors of the current rise of cases in the U.S.

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