The Top 5 Finalists in Startup Battlefield at the Disrupt Berlin

14 startup companies presented onstage on 12th December at the Disrupt Berlin. They exhibit their talents on tech by giving the live demos as well as rapid-fire presentations on the origin business models and stories. Lastly, they answered questions from the expert judges from the TechCrunch. With the aid of the judges, the TechCrunch has shortlisted the number 14 down to 5 startup companies working on anything from productivity to the air pollution.

Tomorrow, on 13th December, these selected 5 finalists will present their talent in front of the judges. The winner will get the custody of Disrupt Cup and an amount of $50,000.

The 5 finalists of the Disrupt Berlin are –

  • Gmelius – it is making a workspace platform which lives in the Gmail and allow the teams to get some bespoke systems without adding another software piece to the repertoire. It slots in the Gmail workspace by adding some features like a help desk, shared inboxes, automation tools as well as account management solutions.
  • Hawa Dawa – it combines the data sources such as satellites as well as the dedicated air monitoring stations to create a granular heat map of the air pollutants. They sell this map to the companies and cities as a subscription of API.
  • Inovat – it makes easier for the travelers to get the reimbursed for value-added tax via an app which employs the recognition of the optical character as well as machine learning to the interpret receipts.
  • Scaled Robotics – it has designed an impressive robot which can generate a 3D progress maps of the construction sites in a minute.
  • Stable – it offers a great solution which is simple as the car insurance. It has designed a solution to protect the farmers across the world from the volatility in prices.

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