The Slow Death of Flash Continues as Google Starts to Remove It from Search

The death of the Flash has now been a long time, and it is also going on for a long time too. For several years, we have not heard that Flash is on the way out. Each of us has found Flash video or the widget in the last two months. Besides to make it faster, Google is now taking logical steps to pretend that Flash doesn’t exist.

It is true that soon Google search engine is going to stop indexing the Flash content from the beginning later of 2019. There is a lot of traditional content there, and perhaps Google wanted to provide a long tail opportunity to curl those things up. But deindexing flash doesn’t mean that if you own a website that serves it, it will be rejected wholly. Any information which can be accessed via your Flash container such as video description, storefront, game will be avoided by the crawlers of Google. Besides, you will even get demoted by the google algorithm, even if you are honest.

Most of the people perhaps don’t notice the changes as Flash-serving sites often aren’t too high on the list, and absolutely, the main browsers will block the Flash by default and surprisingly even the Adobe is too giving it up. If you prefer to play those pretty awesome old Flash gams, you will still find them in the search directly as there are websites which are collecting those games. Those games will also show up on Google in search results such as “old flash games”.

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Shahina Khatun

Shahina is a Web Developer, Content Writer, SEO Expert and Social Media Marketer.
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