The Retweeted Video by Trump Is Labelled as Manipulated Media

Donald Trump retweeted a video that has been marked as a manipulated media on Twitter. Last month, formally, the company disclosed an updated policy. It explains that if any post is notably altered or fabricated, then it will be labelled as a manipulated media since it is misleading the people.

Originally, the video was tweeted by the director of social media named Dan Scavino from White House. Later, the video was shared by Donald Trump. He used the footage taken during a speech by Democratic presidential candidate named Joe Biden. The video was then edited to make it appear like Biden is speaking of Trump for re-election.

In the edited version of that video, Biden said, “Excuse me. We can only re-elect Donald Trump.” But the thing that Biden actually said was, “Excuse me. We can only re-elect Donald Trump.” Biden also said that if they har got engaged in that circular for firing squad there. That’s was going to be a positive campaign.

The video began to appear as a “manipulated media” from Sunday evening. In November, Twitter first declared a draft of its new policy, where it clearly explained that the policy was made after collecting user feedback and after consulting with the academic experts such as the Reuters Institute, Witness, and researchers from New York University.

The new policy of Twitter was executed after several years of criticism that the company hasn’t done sufficient to prevent the harassment on the platform. Also, it has faced several calls from the Democrats as well as other critics of Trump to eliminate the president from the platform.

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