Tesla Accidentally Busted Two Windows on the Cybertruck While Demonstrating How Tough They Are

TechCrunch have seen that the Tesla had debuted its huge amount $39,900 Cybertruck pickup this night. After running for a few specs as well as hitting the door of the truck with a sledge hammer, Elon has asked on-stage companion to explain the strength of Tesla “Armor Glass” by bunting a solid metal ball at the window of the driver side. But, the result didn’t go very well. The glass didn’t get shattered completely; rather there was a visible crack from edge to edge.

After doing that, they thought that was little hard, and that’s why they tried again on the rear window of the passenger. The result was same. There was no scattering, only a crack. With a shrug, Musk said that there was a room for the improvement.

No one was expecting the toughest windows could stand with a test like this one. Even Elon was too surprised at the results. On the stage, he said that they had thrown wrenches and they had thrown every metal. They had even thrown literally a kitchen sink at the glass but that hadn’t broken. He concluded by saying that last time the incident was quite weird and the glass had broken down, and he didn’t understand the reason.

Elon also said that they would fix that soon. After saying that, he had a great laugh and moved to talk about the suspension of the car. The video then went private on the YouTube channel of Tesla.

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