Ted raise funds for nonprofits to help them achieve their ambition

In the second year of Ted’s “Audacious Project”, the organization aims to raise funds for nonprofits, to help them fight their battles. This came about when many nonprofits faced problems raising money and had to cut down on their ambition as said by TED’s Chris Anderson.

Ted has invited nonprofits to their “Audacious Project”, and asked them to lay their biggest dream in front of everyone and attract investment to make some change in the world. Anderson has been questioned a lot that their model resembles the traditional philanthropy where the rich people get together and decide which problem to solve. To which Anderson answered, “Everyone can apply and come to present their dream, the winner is selected on the base of which has the best chance of working” and “this is how effective decisions are made”.

More than 1500 application was sent out of which only 8 were selected, and the Audacious Project have helped them raised $280 million in funding till now. It will increase even more once they take the stage and down the road.

Here are this year’s recipients:

  • Using data capture technology to measure and bring change in the police department under The Center for Policing Equity plans.
  • Educate Girls in remote Indian communities with the help of 35,000 volunteers to encourage parents to register their girls in school.
  • Research of new protein to create new materials and medicine by “The Institute for Protein Design”.
  • The Salk Institute for Biological Studies research on how to help plant capture and store more carbon in their roots.
  • End Fund aims to provide parasitic worms treatment to 100 million people and also give clean water and sanitation to them.
  • Nature Conservancy is planning to protect 4 million sq. Km of the ocean by acquiring debts of 20 islands.
  • Thorn is fighting child sexual abuse online by creating tech products.
  • Waterford UPSTART is preparing 250,000 children for kindergarten.

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