“Supergirl” Entrepreneur Hosts “Catching Fire” Awards Ceremony For Local Creatives and Small Businesses

You heard it here first! We’ve got the news on the “Catching Fire: Red Carpet Affair” also known as this year’s presentation of The Fresh Faces Project Awards! Calynn M. Lawrence, Miss World America Nation 2020, is a 24-year-old eleven-time award-winning entrepreneur. She is the Founder of the nonprofit movement, The Fresh Faces Project (est 2014) which has helped 300+ small businesses and talents get free and discounted marketing and networking services. She is also the Executive Producer and Creator of the growingly popular online reality series, “Chicago Talent” that has spotlighted local entrepreneurs and creatives receiving rave reviews in the press and gaining a 5-star rating from viewers!

Last weekend, she hosted her second annual “Fresh Faces Project Awards.” This year, she did it big and threw a whole semi-formal red carpet event for the awards, themed “Catching Fire!” At the event she honored 40+ people with awards for their work impacting their community in 2019 and 2020! She also gave away 5 gift cards to Dollar Tree, Walmart and Target in a free raffle that she put together for all attendees!

Calynn and most of the honorees

The guests in attendance were very happy to be there and even had amazing things to say about both Calynn and the event itself! Many of them spoke to their interactions with Calynn, both business-wise and secularly. They spoke on how she helped them in many ways from promoting their businesses and artistry through social media, getting them press and exposure through her blog and other publications with whom she had a relationship, helping the network and passing on connections to benefit their endeavors, supporting and attending their events and much more! One business associate who benefited from her nonprofit work even went so far as to credit her by saying they “don’t know where they would be without her in their life.” Close friends and long-time business associates even spoke to her character as a person and gave her props on her kind and sweet-hearted demeanor. These sentiments brought Calynn to tears during the event as it was supposed to be about the honorees and not her. She took the microphone back and gave a gracious “thank you” speech to everyone for their encouraging words, accepting the kind words from everyone as her own “award” at the ceremony.

Calynn and some of the cast members from Season 1 and 2 of “Chicago Talent”

Some of the honorees at this event were cast members from previous seasons of “Chicago Talent,” such as Nikoleta Morales, Anthony Amos, Benjamin Scott, Rozlyne and Jacques McPherson, Iesha Trotter and Candace Bui-Watson. She also awarded other industry leaders whom she’s had a longstanding relationship with such as La’Sonya Alexander, Melody Boykin and GiGi Jenkins. She even got a chance to surprise a few unsuspecting people who were her coworkers at her day job(s) such as Aisha and Terra from Chick-fil-A, her friend Jessica from a previous job, and Amanda from her previous job! These are just a few of the amazing people who she had the pleasure of highlighting at this event!

Calynn and Nich Diaz, Associate Producer S3 “Chicago Talent”, and rapper GC

When asked how she was able to pull off the event, she heavily thanked all of her supporters who fuel her fire to continue on in her work with The Fresh Faces Project and Chicago Talent! One of the people she credited was her friend Nich Diaz. He is an Associate Producer for Season 3 of Chicago Talent and was very instrumental in organizing, casting and promoting the interviews for some of the stars from season 3 such as fellow honoree, GC! He is new to the entertainment industry but she sees great potential in him, and we can not wait to see his work when Season 3 is released!

Calynn and her parents, sisters, brother-in-law and nephew

Calynn also heavily thanked her family and best friends for always being so supportive and loving to her, saying that she would not have been able to accomplish nearly as much without their powerful motivational forces. Her mother, Dawn (new Founder of Damuchi Does It), did the catering for the event which got great food reviews from guests, and she put together the decor! Her sister, Candyss, brother-in-law, Robert, and father, Tory, donated beverages to the event. Her little sister, Camrynn, and her play-sister Nicole were the event photographers. And, two of her best friends, Nikhaule and Ariel, helped with set up.

Calynn M. Lawrence aka “Supergirl” has one it again! The intense success of her award ceremony demonstrates her passion for people and love for community service! Rock on, girl! Rock on!

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