Stonly Grabs $3.5 Million to Make Customer Support More Interactive

Stonly is making service for the customer support teams so that they can easily share step-by-step guides to resolve the most popular issues. The startup just has raised an amount of $3.5 million in a funding round led by the Accel with the business angels like – PeopleDoc founders – Clément Buyse and Jonathan Benhamou and Eventbrite CTO Renaud Visage.

The startup isn’t making a chatbot for the customer support, and chatbots generally don’t understand what you mean and what you end up contracting the customer support anyway. Stonly strongly believes that the scripted guides with several questions work better than the intimidating knowledge bases and chatbots.

However, the company is aware that it isn’t going to replace Zendesk or Intercom overnight. That is the reason why the Stonly guide is a part that one can embed in the existing tools. Currently, the startup supports Zendesk, Intercom, Freshdesk and Front.

This way, it anyone contacts you on the Intercom or Front, you can easily reply with the Stonly guide to aid the users in solving their own issues. Also, Stonly is launching its own more conventional knowledge base powered by the Stonly guides. Thus, your client can easily access to the common questions via chat widget.

Stonly guide doesn’t require any technical skills, and after defining the steps, you can also write text, add videos, buttons or images in a web interface. In addition to this, Stonly supports translations. It has been working well for the first clients of the startups. Such as, Dashline observed a 25% decrease in opened tickets for the most frequent issues after utilizing Stonly.

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