Startup Studio eFounders Now Has a Portfolio That Values $1 Billion

eFounders, a reputed European startup studio has begun some metrics for the portfolio companies of them. This startup studio has initiated 23 firms with a strong focus on software enterprise products. eFounders may not be a common and recognized name but some of the firms within its portfolio have become surprising startups with an impressive growth like Aircall, Front, Forest, Mailket, Spendesk and several others. Front is a company with the ranking of #85 in the Y Combinator’s list of the best 101 evergreen companies.

In addition, the large new metric is about the total valuation. The total valuation of these 23 firms now has jumped to $1 billion. Of course, this eFounders is only a shareholder of the 23 firms, so eFounders is not a unicorn itself but the number is still impressive. The valuation of eFounders at the end of 2018 was around $541 million and at the end of 2017, it was around $385 million.

Overall, the eFounders firms have hiked $254 million from the VC funds along with the business angels. It employs around 1,000 people and mostly in San Francisco, New York and Paris. When, the annual recurring revenue is added up of all the startups, the value can be surprising. Together they generate about $107 million in ARR. The eFounders model is very simple to understand. The core and main eFounder team raises an idea and appoints another founding team. In exchange for the human and financial resources, this startup studio maintains a significant share in the startups. After a year, or sometimes after 2 years, the startups should prove themselves that they are capable of raising a seed round and even can operate and this way the eFounders can advance to the next project and begin a new firm.

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