SpinLaunch Spins up a $35M Round to Continue Building Its Space Catapult

SpinLaunch Company aims to turn the launch industry on the head with a newer concept to get to the orbit, and has raised an amount of $35M in round B to continue the quest. The group has yet to illustrate their kinetic launch system, however, the year will become the year which can change – they claim.

First, the TechCrunch reported on the ambitious plans of SpinLaunch in 2018 when the company had raised the past $35 million that got combined with the $0M it raised before that and today’s round is in the total of $80M. With this kind of money, one might truly be able to create a space catapult.

The basic idea behind the SpinLaunch’s approach is to receive a craft out of atmosphere utilizing a rotational acceleration process which can bring a craft to escape the velocity without rockets. The company is extremely tight-lipped about the details, and one imagines a sort of the giant rail gun curled to a spiral from which the payloads will merge in the atmosphere at many thousand miles in an hour.

There is naturally no shortage of the objections to the method, but the most obvious of which is – going from an evacuated tube to the atmosphere at the speeds might be similar firing the payload to a brick wall. It is doubtful that the SpinLaunch would have preceded that far if it didn’t have mitigation for that as well as other potential problems, but secretive company as unveiled very little.

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