SpaceX successfully launches Falcon 9 rocket and lands the booster, but misses the fairing catch

Falcon 9, SpaceX’s 13th rocket this year, has been successfully launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida on 16th December. The booster had landed on its drone-ship in the Atlantic Ocean but unfortunately SpaceX’s two boats, Ms. Tree and Ms. Chief, failed to catch two fairing halves.

A Boeing-built satellite was carried for communication purpose for Kacific and SKY Perfect JSAT. This time SpaceX reused twice used Falcon 9 booster.

SpaceX reuses different parts left by its rocket after takeoff. SpaceX catches as much parts are possible after launch by landing them in ocean and recover them for next use. Since 2015, SpaceX has been recovering Falcon 9’s booster and have completed 47 first stages.

Fairing is the nose cone of the rocket, situated on top to protect the payload ascending in the atmosphere. While passing the earth atmosphere bulk, the fairies apart in two and return to earth. Elon Musk introduced a technology to catch them and reuse them to save money.  According to Elon, why waste $6 million or about 10% of total cost in the ocean? Catch and recover them for next launch. SpaceX improve their technology to control the return of different part of rockets.

Before, SpaceX was able to collect only one half of the fairing with only one boat they had. But recently they had introduced another boat to catch both halves of fairings.

SpaceX’s reused one recovered fairing in November launce. The two boat missed the two halves but SpaceX will try to collect and recover them to reuse.

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