SpaceX Sets Key Crew Dragon In-flight Abort Test for January 18

NASA and SpaceX both have shared a date for official target launch for all-important in-flight abort test of the Crew Dragon which is their commercial crew spacecraft. This in-flight abort test is a recommended component before the astronauts of NASA can climb on the board and can take the first journey abroad the Crew Dragon. SpaceX and NASA are now targeting January 18 – Saturday for that milestone system test. This in-flight abort test provides a chance for a real in-flight test of the abort system of Crew Dragon which can be utilized to cut a mission short by ensuring the safety of every astronaut on board through propelling crew capsule away from the rocket to a safer distance at an incredible speed.

This is one of the most important as well as the last steps in the long road towards the final goal of both NASA and SpaceX for their commercial crew program: Reestablishing the ability of the America to begin astronauts from the soils of United States aboard United States crew spacecraft. Already SpaceX has completed their other major steps which also include several successful consecutive tests of newer parachute system that they designed for safety control of the descent of the Crew Dragon once it comes back to the atmosphere of the Earth, and also it will look to begin the first Crew Dragon with human on board in the later period of this year – provided everything goes with the right plan with this important mission of abort test.

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