SpaceX Has Launched Re-flown Fairing for the First Time and Has Broken a Falcon 9 Booster Record

Today SpaceX successfully has begun their first batch of the Starlink satellites by sending approximately 60 smaller satellites to the target orbit of the Falcon 9 rocket. All those 60 satellites have followed the 60 which were launched in May. But 2 were launched in the last year for testing purpose and this new batch will ready the pattern to provide the internet services to more customers. At the Cape Canaveral in Florida, the launch took place and Falcon 9 rocked utilized a booster stage which flows 3 times before and now it is the fourth time. It is a new record for the SpacceX. Furthermore, the SpaceX also recovered the booster through a controlled landing on seafaring drone ship in Atlantic Ocean.

For the re-useable rocketry program of SpaceX, that’s not the one and only record for the launch. In fact, the flight actually used previously launched fairing for 1st time ever in the history during this mission. The fairing had been flown during Falcon Heavy Arabsar-6A mission which occurred in the month of April. The CEO of the SpaceX Elon Musk said that the re-flying the fairing could even save an amount of $6 million of the SpaceX in each launch. SpaceX also sought to recover that fairing or used to shield that gigantic payload of the Starlink satellites on the way out of the atmosphere of the Earth. Their plan was to catch the both halves by using the catcher ships which are ocean-based and are designed for this purpose.

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