Sonos Acquires Voice Assistant Startup Snips, Potentially to Build out On-device Voice Control

During the quarterly earnings, Sonos has acquired a voice assistant startup Snips in $37 million cash deal which is reported on Wednesday on Variety. Snips had been developing a group of dedicated and smart device assistants which can efficiently operate primarily locally. Snips, rather than relying on the consistently round tripping voice data to cloud, they could help the Sonos to set up a voice control option for their customers which is strongly focused in a narrower way on the music control system than being a general-purpose smart assistant. Previously Sonos had worked with the Google and Amazon. The voice assistants provided support to their recent products like the Sonos Beam or the Sonos One smart speaker. Both these require an active cloud communication to work smoothly. However, they had also received scrutiny from the consumer protection groups as well as consumers recently due to the way that they handle the data that they collect from the users. They have also introduced more controls to aid the users to navigate the data sharing, but the CEO of Sonos Patrick Spence, in an interview with the Variety noted that one of the things that the company can do in building, is the own voice features is developing the team with privacy in their mind. Sonos has now introduced another version of Sonos One which leaves the microphone hardware altogether – the Sonos One SL has introduced earlier of this fall. You can imagine how the local machine learning can command the pausing playback, skipping and adjusting volume, even without having to connect with any cloud service.

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