Social Media Users Tend to Have Twisted Information on COVID-19

As an outcome of digital advancement, people are spending their time on social media and other co-related platforms more and more. People of every aspect of life use social media to be connected with each other. Naturally, various news and rumors tend to float around the media and many people are relying on this news.

In a recent survey, the Pew Research Centre has found that people are now getting information on COVID-19 majorly from two types of sources. The traditional ones and the social media and both media differ from each other in their shared information.

In that survey, the Pew Research Centre also found that most people are getting their information from social media. The Centre attempted to assess the ratio of both categories and received a result where they saw 37% of people are consuming social media news. In another survey, the Research Centre confirms that around 57% of the news tends to be fake or twisted which are being showcased in social media.

Though alarming but not astonishing that many people who use social media and don’t rely on any other means to get informed think that the COVID-19 is just an exaggerated concept. They perceive the whole coronavirus scenario as a media exaggeration. Besides, they don’t have the exact idea of imposed danger by COVID-19. Even many radio users are also roaming with false perception about COVID-19. On the contrary, print medium users are more concerned and well informed.

The Pew Research Centre conveyed the survey as a part of their New Pathway Project.

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