S3 and X3 – Electric Bikes of VanMoof Are Coming with New Updates

VanMoof is releasing a new generation of electric bike. VanMoof S3 and its smaller model, VanMoof X3, are the refined versions of VanMoof Electrified S2 as well as X2. It has an updated hydraulic brake, a motor and a common design.

If you are not acquainted with VanBoof electric bikes, then you have to know that the company has been making electric bikes with a bunch of smart features like – anti-theft system. Also, there is an integrated motor analyzer, which is combined with an alarm, cellular connectivity, and a GPS chip. Even if you find the bike as stolen, the cellular chips and GPS can help you to track your bike again through the VanMoof app.

The company wants to take control much of the experience that means it is now planning the bike in house and sells that on the website as well as in its own stores. 80% of the orders come on their website, and VanMoof now has nine stores across the world. Over the years, the company has sold around 120,000 bikes.

Both the features of S3 and X3 still have the features of that superb triangular shaped frame. The motor of the electric bike is now more powerful, responsive, smaller and quieter. You are not going to switch constantly from one gear to another because now an electronic gear shifting system has been added. There are around two to four gears, and all you have to do is – get on the bike and start pedalling.

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