Rokid Plans to Sell T1 Thermal Glasses to the U.S. to Provide Assistance

Rokid, an Hangzhou based A.I. start-up in China, is to deploy Thermal Imaging glasses inU.S. It has communicated with several companies. They want to sell T1 wearable in America on a larger scale.Rokid is one of the China-based companies innovating technologies to detect the coronavirus pandemic and reduce its effectiveness.

Rokid T1 thermal glasses have an infrared sensor, and they can detect the temperature of people. They have strong Qualcomm Processor and 12 M.P. camera that can catch up to 200 people’s temperature in just two minutes. These glasses also offer augmented reality features and free voice controls that will allow users to record photos and videos live.

Rokid is now planning to deploy these devices in the U.S. to help them and their economy from the severe threat the coronavirus poses on the nation. Rokid is also developing IoT and other software solutions for data management and facial recognition what is included in the T1 package.

The T1 glasses can connect via USB and be set up for IoT features. Commercial clients can them sync to their own platforms.

Rokid was founded in 2014 by Mingming Zhu, and Eric Wong focused on developing A.I. and A.R. technology. It recently developed T1 glasses after corona outbreak took place. The aim of the glasses is to provide a thermal imaging tool that will be a compact, mobile and effective tool.

Rokid has developed the glasses almost instantly after the COVID-19 spread in China. Those other start-ups who are fighting coronavirus integrate this thermal imaging system in a various way.

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