Remrise Has Raised $8.2 Million to Deliver Tailored, Plant Based Sleep Solutions

Sleep is really a great business. Mattress companies like Lessa, Casper along with some others have chased point home in these years. It is the thing that we badly want, but none of us are receiving it properly. During 2017, the sleep helps to generate an amount of $69.5 billion worldwide. By the year of 2023, the number is being expected to rise past $101 billion.

A recent startup named Remrise is in search of Holy Grail to get a better sleep in night. The company has already raised an amount of $8.2 million which is led by the Founders Fund to start the effort. It has now been fostered by the Atomic which is the same incubator which gave the world hers/hims. The startup is delivering the herbal solution to receive a better sleep, tailored to the users. The aim of this service is to drive the users off the medicated sleep aids by using a combined herbal supplements along with the improvements to maintain the sleep hygiene.

The CEO and Founder Veronica Lee told to the TechCrunch that they were creating an app which was analyzing and tracking data, and that’s why they were going to connect to the existing trackers to accept the bedtime along with the wake time and REM cycles. Veronica Lee also said that they were also collecting the passive data and they were working too with the customer around the collecting active data. The aim was to aid the consumers to improve their sleep hygiene.

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