Rela, dating app for gay exposed millions of user profile

Rela is one of the most popular dating apps for gay and lesbians. The app has exposed its private data and millions of user profiles because of the server issue that wasn’t password protected.

Since May 2017 it was not available in app stores. It was closed by Chinese regulators, though the government never confirmed it took action. But the app was again reappeared on app store a year later on another cloud provider. Lesbian rights in China are very limited, and the community still had to fight against discrimination. It will take time to change people’s attitude towards the scene.

GDI security researcher Victor Gevers found the exposed database recently containing information of more than 5 million users. According to Gevers statement, the database had been exposed since June 2018.

The record has information which included names, birth date, weight, height, gender, and sexual interests and preference. It also has information about there location shared by them. The data also contain more than millions of personal moments or status updates which include their private data.

As per Gever, the privacy of 5 million gay people was on a stake which is already facing social challenges in China. This leaked database will expose those peoples who are already facing issues.

The lesbian dating apps are big revenue generating business for many companies in China. Instead of the fact that legal issues have already closed lot may apps.  Zank, another popular dating app was closed in April 2017 for not clearing government’s rules and broadcasting porn.

The gaming gun from China bought more than 60 % stake in U.S based dating app for gay Grindr and later owned the entire firm, but now is up for sale due to the concern of US national security.


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