Reilly Brennan – the Trucks VC General Partner Is Coming to TC Sessions: Mobility

The future of the transportation industry is now bursting at the pace with the startups aiming to bring all the things – from flying cars and the autonomous vehicles to deliver the bots and even more effective freight to the roads. Also, one investor who is now right at the center of this is named Reilly Brennan. Reilly Brennan is the founding general partner of the Trucks VC which is a seed stage venture capital fund for every entrepreneur changing the fortune of the technology in transportation. TechCrunch is quite excited to declare that Reilly Brennan will join them on the stage for the TC Sessions: Mobility.

If one missed the event of the previous year, then he can join the TC Sessions: Mobility, which is a 1 day conference and brings the best and the most intelligent engineers, founders, investors and technologists to get together to discuss about the transportation as well as what is approaching on the horizon. The event is going to be held on 14th May of 2020 in the California Theater in the San Jose of Calif.

Reilly Brennan is recognized much for his popularity for FoT newsletter as his investments that include May Mobility, nuTonomy, Nauto, Skip and Roadster and Joby Aviation. Stay alert to see who they will declare soon. The tickets of $250 Early-Bird are now on the sale – you can save up to $100 on the tickets before the prices raise up on 9th April. You can book today. The students can also grab their tickets for only $50.

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