Pyka And Its Autonomous, Electric Crop-spraying Drone Land $11M Seed Round

Pyka is undertaking the spraying business of modern agriculture, by using their man power and the autonomous aircraft. Spraying the large fields by human is literally an operational challenge.

Flying to seed needs lots of perfectly executed iterative flights with a very low altitude which is very risky for human pilot.

Other drone industries tend to use the multirotor technology for drone to make the take-off and land easy but unfortunately those cannot carry a large amount of pesticides and chemicals to deploy on a large field.

Pyka’s model is more conventional with a one seater fumigator plane but having no cockpit. They mostly concentrated on the payload which have a success to carry about 450 pounds of load. An onboard computer and a sensing suit is present to handle the automated flight demands.

Unlike the other drones, Pyka cannot land or take off straight rather it needs around 150 foot flat land. So, it does not need to arrange for another separate runway and energy to reach the target area. The onboard computers design the flight path as well as the instant decisions. The overall courser design and battery swap out is the responsibility of the ground crew.

This craft dusting plane is so efficient as a helicopter to cover hundred acres per hour moreover it is highly precise and safe.

Prime Movers Lab has already sed $11 million seed by Pyka’s this crop dusting aircraft named, Egret. Pyka is the only company that have been approved with this large size autonomous electric craft.

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