Porsche and Lucasfilm Has Co-designed a New Starfighter for Star Wars Universe

Porsche is much concerned itself with the terrestrial vehicle designs. However, for a newer project, Porsche worked with the designers of Lucasfilm in association on developing an impressive starfighter for Star Wars universe. The starfighter is called the Tri-Wing S-91x Pegasus. Still it doesn’t in the complete flyable form, and is being created as a 5 foot long sub-scale model. This new starfighter will be revealed at the Rise of Skywalker in the LA this month.

It is mentioned that the S-91x won’t be in the movie actually because it is more of the exercise in the design as well as a promotional thing which is basically intended to emphasize in the narrative Star Wars universe thing. However, the association is quite interesting as it combines the sensibilities of the Porsche and the direct design inspiration from the 911 of the company as well as the real world vehicles of the Taycan with the authentic and fascinating touches from Lucasfilm which is similar to an astromech slot behind cockpit.

The designers of the Porsche even had zeroed in on the cockpit ergonomics and comfort with the spacious 3 seater outstanding design. It is actually more than anyone can say for whoever has created that cramped and prettier austere interior of this X-Wing, or even the submarine during the combat maneuvers cabin lighting of TIE Fighter cockpit.

There is now no word about the pricing, but this model with higher trim level is connected to install one back with fewer credits.

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