Pixpay Is a Challenger Bank for the Teens Focused on Pocket Money

A French startup Pixpay wants to replace the cash when you will be handling the pocket money to the kids. Anyone who is more than 10 years old can easily create an account in Pixpay and can get a debit card and can manage hi/her pocket money. Challenger banks now are nothing but are still targeted mostly towards the adults. If you are looking forward to creating an N26 or a Revolut account, then you must need to be minimum 18 years old. If you are 1 years old, then you can create a Lydia account with the parent consent.

Pixpay wants to fill the gap and to offer the modern payment process to the teens so that one can ditch the cash altogether. Kids and their parents both can download the Pixpay app to interact with this service. After creating an account, your child will receive a Master card within a few days. If offers the similar features that you would expect from the challenger bank and can customize the PIN code also, even can lock it and unlock it. You will receive a notification after each of the transaction. Pixpay will also let you to generate the virtual cards for paying via online.

Parents can easily send money instantly to the Picpay app, and you can also top up the Pixpay account with your beloved debit card and can send money. Also, parents can see the overview of the multiple accounts if they have multiple children who are using Pixpay account.

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