People are Speeding Up their Usage of Social Media

No wonder now is the time when people need to use social media more than ever to connect and communicate with their family, colleagues, relatives, and friends, while life-threatening coronavirus is spreading all over the world. People are concerned about the folks of their lives, and they want to be aside them during a critical time like this and social media apps have become to most popular means on this purpose. Some studies have shown that several messaging and social media apps are benefitting from coronavirus. According to a survey conveyed by a consulting firm named Kantar, a social media app, WhatsApp is getting the most comparing with other social apps.


WhatsApp is owned by the other giant of that corresponding field Facebook. WhatsApp was rising in its usage from the earlier stage of the coronavirus outbreak. Currently, it had got almost 27% bump and has experienced a 41% increase in that time. With more countries affected by COVID-19, the growth is now 51%. The number is even higher if assessed for an only individual market like in Spain; the increased usage rate is almost 76%.

Not as much as WhatsApp but other names like Facebook, Instagram are also gaining more increase in usage, the rate is around 40% and more. China’s WeChat and Weibo are also seeing a gain.


Though people are using social media more than any time in history, they informed that they are not relying on the news presented in them. As a source of news, national channels and agencies are still more trustworthy.

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