Penta, the German Business Banking Challenger, Partners with SumUp to Target Offline Businesses

Penta is a Berlin based business banking challenger which also is being operated in Italy. Penta has now partnered with the BBVA card reader company named SumUp to attract several and more offline businesses. Before the partnership, Penta targeted the digital businesses like startups, SMEs and E-Commerce, but it has re-positioned itself for a wider business. By the partnership with the POS provider, the German challenger bank now is looking forward to extending the offline businesses like craftsman, restaurants, architects and healthcare.

Particularly, Penta has said that the businesses can also order a SumUp Card Reader through Penta, and by doing so, they can save their money on initial setup of SumUp and also be able to integrate seamlessly SubUp powered payments with the Penta account. In addition to this, they will also receive the access to existing Penta features like opening a business banking account digitally, to issue several payment cards, grant limits as well as providing permissions for each card for the staff and to facilitate the expense with the accounting tools.

In the near Future, the planning of SumUp integration will go deeper which will involve the ability to utilize the payments of SumUp data to predict the future sales. The CEO of Penta named Marko Wenthin in his statement said that a request which they had since the day one had been for their customers to quickly accept those card payments, and that’s why they were proud to be able to propose their newer partner SumUp.

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