PacketAI Predicts IT Incidents by Parsing Large Event Data Sets

A French startup, PacketAI wants to notify us when there is something erroneous with the app or service. The company is now using a machine learning to define a raw event data and to find out if there is really something wrong. PacketAI can now intercept the incidents at several and various levels. For example, the service can now tell you if the users are unable to write something on the database or if there is something wring or erroneous with the computer. PacketAI now isn’t trying to recreate the wheel and the startup company is very cautious about the monitoring tools like Datalok, Dynatrace and Splunk.

The cofounder and CEO of the PacketAI said that those tools were mainly designed for the human being so that they could easily understand the information which would be delivered by the machines.

The PacketAI has integrated with the APIs of Splunk, Dynatrace or Datadog to analyze the raw event data in the real time. Now, you don’t need to scroll through that thousands of lines, you can easily get a notification which will tell you about time that bank transfer usually takes. Ultimately, you are now able to repair the problem in a quicker way which can even improve the revenue. The startup also has created a model of machine learning for every client. However, the idea is to build a model for every vertical till you have five or four companies in same space by using PacketAI. You could even imagine a model for the banking companies, telecom companies and so on.

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Shahina Khatun

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