OmniVis Can Now Detect Cholera-Infected Water in a Minute to Save Lives

OmniVis, a fabulous technology can now detect the cholera-infected water easily and can save million of lives from drinking cholera infected water. Clean water is one of the most demanding necessities in the developing and under developing worlds. OmniVis can quickly find out the cholera and other deadly pathogens that can spread the diseases among us. OmniVis detect this in a flawless manner and most importantly, it can detect the pathogens in a minute.

OmniVis has emerged from the research work which was conducted in the Purdue University. Katheine Clayton and her advisors worked on the question which stated the use of microfluids. Today, OmniVis has been presented on the stage at the Disrupt SF’s Startup Battlefield. The bacteria that cause cholera thrive in the water which is polluted by the fecal matter. When people intake this polluted water for multiple times, it causes diarrhea, hydration, poising and even sometimes it can bring about life-threatening issues.

In 2010, there was a gigantic outbreak of cholera in Haiti after a major earthquake took place. Around 665,000 people were severely infected and over 8,000 people died. Now, the water techniques for testing water quality are done at a location, like a utility, a lab, or by the local government. But if there is a disaster, then going to collect the water sample won’t be so easy and even it may take some days.  Clayton said that the worst thing that they could do was to say that there was no cholera in the water, though there was.

Right now, the device OmniVis, still needs to go to the real world from the lab. The team worked with the local NGOs and local government to directly get some feedback. It has been hoped that the magical device OmniVis will be shipped within six months and it will probably cost around thousand dollars. This system can easily detect pathogens and they are now targeting E. coli next, which is another fatal pathogen that contaminates water.

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