New York’s Governor Cuomo Requires Insurers to Waive Cost Sharing for COVID-19 Tests

The New York State Governor named Andrew M. Cuomo said that the state’s Department of Financial Services is asking health insurers in the state to waive cost-sharing associated with the testing for new coronavirus, COVID-19. The action paves the way for a low-cost emergency room, hospital visits, urgent care for the patients who are worried about the invasion. They think that they may have contracted that virus.

The Governor also explained that the New Yorkers getting the Medicard coverage wouldn’t be expected to pay a co-pay for any kind of testing related to novel coronavirus, COVID-19. The steps are designed to make sure that the residents of that state would not have to worry and think about costs as an obstacle for getting tested. Any kind of tests that are conducted at the Wadsworth Lab of the State is entirely covered.

The administration of Cuomo had also outlined other actions health insurers are either going to be asked or advised to take which will include offering telehealth medical advice and treatment, informing New Yorkers of available benefits, and preparing insurers to cover the costs of COVID-19 immunizations if vaccine becomes accessible.

In a statement, Cuomo also said that they had the best health-care system across the world and were leveraging the system involving their state-of-the-art Wadsworth testing lab to aid containing any potential spread of the virus throughout the New York. Containing the virus depended on them having the fact about who had that – and those measures would break down any obstacles which could have prevented New Yorkers from getting tested.

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