NASA’s Jim Bridenstine Says 2013 Can Be Doable for Human Landing on Mars – Provided Budget is Also There

Jim Bridenstine, the Administrator of NASA participated in a joint presentation on Monday at the annual International Astronautical Conference by the chiefs of international space agencies and at the end of that event, a question was raised – when can we go to Mars?

The Director General of ESA, Jan Worner answered a joke and said “Tuesday.” Jim Bridenstine after that, answered seriously which he basically believes. He said that the landing on Mars would be possible by the early of 2035.

Bridenstine briefly said that if all of us begin accelerating the landing on the Moon, the we can also accelerate our landing on Mars and that is what we are trying to do. In his answer, he referred the aggressiveness of the agencies that aimed the landing of the first American woman on the Moon by the year of 2024 with Artemis program. Turning to the colleagues of NASA’s international equivalents, he added that if their budget had been sufficient, he would have suggested that they could land there by 2035. Besides, the goal was to land on Moon within only 5 years and become sustainable by the year of 2028. He clarified that the sustainability means “people working and living on another world for a longer period.”

Jim Bridenstine also offered that the ambition of the budget match is not really an insignificant one and NASA faced a subcommittee of congressional budgetary after hearing about the plan to land on the Moon by 2024. In addition, it faced various heavy skepticism. From the technical and scientific assessment of the Mars mission of NASA for 2035 target, but previously the agency discussed the date earlier in 2015.

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