Motorola Throws Back to the Future with a Foldable Razr Reboot

The rumor about the reborn of Razr has been occurring for several months and honestly, a product like this is of no-brainer. The Lenovo-owned company is now embracing the prospering world of the foldables with the turn back of one of their most iconic models. It is true that Motorola had kept the name Razr alive in another form into this Android era. From the looks of the things, the newly declared Razr is now so lovely. The product was announced in the earlier quarter of today in the Los Angeles. It has leaned into lackluster criticism like the foldables are a simple return of the clamshell design. According to the Motorola, the company is still toying with the flexible technology and in a press release it was said that in 2015, a cross functional team which was comprised of skilled engineers and the designers from both Lenovo and Motorola, had been assembled to begin thinking about the way how they could have utilized the flexible display technology.

The device can swap the horizontal design of the best-known competitor named Samsung Galaxy Fold. Besides, the vertical form factor can now make a match in the foldable heaven. Of course, it has lost some of uber-thin design which had made that original Razr with such hit years back but has made ultra-wide 6.2 inches screen compact enough to get fitted in pockets. Since the Galaxy can be folded, there is still another small display at the front to get a glimpse of the notifications. It is another design feature which mirrors the impressive O.G. Razr Predictably.

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