More than 30 Groups of Civil Rights Demand an End to Amazon Ring’s Police Partnerships

More than 30 organizations of Civil Rights have written an open letter which calls on the government official to find out the business practices of Amazon Ring as well as to end the police partnerships of the company. In August, the letter explained how the police forces throughout the entire US have built up a partnership with Ring to get access to the camera footage of the homeowners.

The partnership has raised already a great concern with the privacy advocates as well as with the civil liberties organizations. They claimed that the agreements turned the neighbor into an informant and subject the innocents to a greater risk.

The letter of the civil right groups is demanding that the government officials must put this partnerships between Amazon and police to an end. It reads that with no accountability and oversight, the technology of Amazon builds an easily automated experience for the police to access the footage without any warrant. After that, it should be stored indefinitely. Besides, in the absence of the clear civil liberties plus the right-protective policies to control those technologies and to utilize the data properly. After collection, the stored footage may be used by the law enforcement to govern a front recognition searches together with targeting the protesters who are exercising the First Amendment rights.

In addition, the letter also points out the deal of the police that include the Amazon coaching cops on the way to get a surveillance footage without any warrant. Even the letter raises the involvement of potential plans of Amazon to merge the face recognition innovations in the Ring cameras.

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