Max Q: SpaceX and Rocket Lab Has Launched Rockets and X-Wings Has Taken Flight

Rocket Lab, a launch startup firm has successfully delivered the payloads to the orbit. However, earlier of this year, they had announced that they would be migrating to a launching system where they would make the booster reusable which is utilized to throw the spacecraft to the orbit.

During the 10th mission of the Electron rocket, the Rocket Lab took an important step – testing the re-entry system to get the booster back to the atmosphere of the Earth. The Rocket Lab later reveals that the test was quite good than they expected.

On the other hand, another big launch of this week was about the launching of CRS-19 of SpaceX. CRS-19 delivered around 5,200 lbs of the supplies as well as experiments to ISS. Without this, the launch utilized a new Falcon 9 that the SpaceX gained with the land at the sea. More than that, they also deployed a Dragon cargo capsule which the company has operated 2 times previously.

Furthermore, SpaceX is now getting very closer to the key piece of puzzle when it is about the ability to launch the astronauts on the commercial crew spacecraft. The company is looking to do minimum 10 parachute tests in a tier to get the ship-shape for the crew launch. Besides they are now very close to get the thing done before the ending of this year.

This week, the X-Wing starfighters soared through the whole night sky over the Orlando, Florida as the Disney celebrated their opening of the new “Rise of the Resistance”. Those X-Wings were the modified version of a larger cargo drone which Boeing has developed.

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