Linden Lab Has Abandoned its VR-project

Linden Lab, a digital entertainment developer, has recently announced to stop giving further effort on developing a virtual reality project named “SANSAR”.  It has also announced that it has sold off all of its assets related to the project to a relatively small and less familiar company, “Wookey Search Technologies”. While some of the employees who were part of that project are shifting to the new company, others have already been laid off.

Linden Lab had introduced “Second Life”, a real-world game, in 2000, which was a hit back then. It had captured people’s attention and was in the limelight of the popular culture for a while. As the company is still put an enormous effort into marketing the title online, they have claimed they are still able to produce revenue from it.

Inspired by the success of “Second Life” and raising popularity of VR-platform like “Facebook’s Oculus VR Acquisition,” Linden Lab launched “SANSAR” in 2014. The game was supported for both desktop and VR. Because of the slow adoption of the VR platform, the game mostly played by desktop users. Failing to grab the attention of VR player, the developers decided to abort the project. However, the Lab has already spent a great amount and focused resources on it.

Although the Studio is facing disturbance, the user of the simulation can enjoy a wind of relief on the fact that “SANSAR” may be introduced being as less damage as possible. They just don’t know about the resource and facility of the new company and how they will approach the project.

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