Leadfeeder Raised 3.1M Euros to Turn Website Visitors into Leads

Leadfeeder is a Helsinki based startup that helps B2B companies to generate new leads from website analytics. This company has now raised 3.1M Euros in series A funding. This Finnish company is now saying that the fund that they have pulled will be used in the further development of its AI-powered automation tool. The company is also eyeing on the international level expansion. Obtaining the Series A funding isn’t a cakewalk. The company should cross 4M Euros ARR mark and gain around 3,000 paying customers. After a twelve month period from crossing 4M mark, they will be offered with Series A funding.

Pekka Koskinen, the founder, and CEO of Leadfeeder said that almost all the B2B companies try to generate the leads from their website, but half of these companies do not provide their contact information on the site. To solve this problem, Leadfeeder uses Google Analytics to reveal the names and behavior of the companies that are visiting the website. The collected data is then fed to the CRM tool and is used for various kinds of marketing purposes.

Leadfeeder has confirmed that the company is completely GDPR and do not collect any kind of personal information about the visitors of a website. Leadfeeder scores the leads based on the behavior of the visitors and then combines the collected data with insights from their marketing and CRM tools-Koskinen added.

The leads are usually enriched with the company’s background and decision-maker data. Then these leads are sent to the client’s CRM directly. By having this kind of data in the CRM, it becomes easy for the salespeople to know what is happening on their website. They will be more informed which helps in staying focused.

The typical customers of Leadfeeder are the marketing and sales department from B2B companies based out in the US and Europe, according to Koskinen.

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