Juul’s pilot program to track how Juul devices reach the hands of minors

Juul labs recently launched a pilot for its latest Track and Trace program, which is intended to use data and identify the exact trajectory of how Juul devices get into the hands of minors. Juul vaporizers, until now, had a serial number at the bottom, next to the Juul logo. However, now, Juul is also able to officially track those digits via every step of the process- right from manufacturers to the distribution channel to retail and sale.

With the Track and Trace program, Juul is now requesting teachers, parents and law enforcement officials, to report on their webpage whenever they confiscate a device from a minor and type in the serial number. Every time that a device being  pulled is input in the system, Juul will now open an investigation in order to understand how that minor came in contact with such a thing.

Juul is well aware that there are cases when certain retail stores knowingly sell to minors. However, in other cases, it may be due to social sourcing; for example, when a 21-year-old or someone even older buys a bunch of such devices and then sell pods to someone who is much younger- minor. After conducting a thorough investigation, Juul will next go ahead and talk to the store managers about this issue. Juul is also open to enhancing its secret shopper program where a spike in the distribution has been noted before. Juul feels that it is imperative to identify the source of the problem before it becomes too big to handle.

Juul clarified that Track and Traces only record the devices themselves and doesn’t use any of the private data regarding the customers. Since Juul isn’t widely publicizing the Track and Trace yet, it is focusing on Houston as a testing ground for banner ads targeted only at older people.

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