In Shadow of the Amazon and Microsoft, Seattle Startups Are Having a Great Moment

Despite of constant economic threat in 2019, Venture capital has opened several investments across the world. Shutting all other geographical, San Francisco still the epicenter for startup. Weave, MX technology and Divvy has raised a $370 million collective fund in Utah. New York city and Boston have experience with some record-breaking deals. In Northwest Pacific, Seattle startup has experienced an uptick and has collected a total $3.5 billion of funding in VC interest across 375 deals. In 2018, Seattle had $3 billion and 2017 had $1.7 billion which has increased in this year due to some fast-growing business.

Convoy and Remitly have helped Seattle business ecosystem to grow up. A number of have been contributing to raise up Seattle as a home to business. Seattle has many engineering offices of companies like Facebook, twitter, Uber, Disney and other companies like dropbox, Airbnb and Stripe are establishing their offices in Seattle. Many people in Seattle works in Microsoft and Amazon.

Madrona Venture Group in Seattle is an age-old traditional fund, established in 1995, includes Mighty AI, UiPath, Amazon in their profile, have been contributing to bolster the Seattle startup community. They have raised a $100 million fund this year.

Voyager Capital is another Seattle based VC and has also raised $100 million in 2019 to contribute to the PNW. The Maveron, is a venture capital fund and has been co-founded by the Starbucks mastermind named Howard Schultz. The Maveron has closed on $180 million to contribute in the early-stage consumer startups in the month of May.

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