In-house Processors to be used in Google’s Pixel Phones and Chrombooks

Google has reported they are advancing in their hardware game with custom-designed silicon featured smartphone. Many are finding the upgrade similar to Apple. Google is now creating its own in-house processors to support future pixel devices, and they will be both for phones and Chrombooks.

Google is describing its efforts around its first-party hardware as a mixed success. Its Pixels smartphones for some generations have earned high adulation. Google has also been praised for its work around camera software and its photo processing. But the aspect which is raising questions sometimes is the use of Qualcomm processor till the date when its only competitor Apple has designed its own A-series processor a long ago and this is providing the iPhone maker extra convenience as tailor-made performance application.

Google is making the chip in collaboration with Samsung and Google is using its five-nanometer process. The chip is now code-named “Whitechapel”. It has an eight-core ARM-based processor and highly dedicated on Google Assistant and machine learning.

Though Google is working on the first prototypes,it says it may take one year more to use in a pixel phone for shipping. So, there will be another generation of pixel phones with Qualcomm Processor.

As there is already ARM-based Chromebooks, it would be easy for Google to switch into ARM. Though there was a rumour circulated for years that Apple would make a move towards ARM-based processor as their A-series processors have already surpassed its Intel competitors.

Many are expecting a rise in the use of Google featured phone after launching Google’s In-house processor.

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