Hackers Are Aiming Other Hackers by Introducing Their Tools with Malware

A newly discovered malware campaign is now on the air. It suggests that hackers are targeting other hackers and are infecting and repackaging common hacking tools with malware. Amit Serper from Cybereason discovered that the hackers in the years-long campaign are getting existing hacking software, some of which are planned to eliminate data from a database to cracks and those product key generators, which can decipher full versions of a trial software. Also, they are injecting a strong remote access trojan. When these tools are opened, all the hackers will get the full access to the targeted computer.

Amit Serper said that the hackers are using baits to attack others by posting the repackaged tools on their hacking forums. However, that’s not a condition of the hackers to invade others. Those falsely repackaged tools are not only opening a backdoor to the systems of the hackers, but also any systems that hackers have already cracked.

Serper also said that if any hacker is targeting you or your business, then they will be utilizing the trojanized tools, which means that whoever is hacking the hackers will get the access even to your assets.

Serper discovered that those unknown attackers are repackaging and injecting the hacking software with njRat, which is an effective trojan and gives them full access to the desktop of their target which includes passwords, passwords, microphone, and even webcam. njRat, most of the time, spreads via infected flash drives or phishing emails. However, recently, the hackers have inserted the malware on insecure websites to escape the detection.

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