Google’s Head of Human Resources Is Stepping Down

The head of the human resources of Google is resigning. Google said that Eileen Naughton, who joined Google during 2006 and became the vice president of the people operations four years ago, will move to a different role at the company. Google didn’t mention when that transition will take place.

In a statement in the press, the CEO of Google named Sundar Pichai said that for previous 13 years, Eileen has made several major contributions to the company in various areas ranging from media partnerships to their UK operations to lead their People Operations team via a period of notable development during which more than 70,000 people have begun their careers at the Google. He also said that they were grateful to Eileen for everything she had done and looked forward to her next chapter at Google.

Naughton, in her own statement, said that after six years on the road, she and her husband had decided to go back to their home to New York to stay close to their family. She also said that she was at the beginning of the process and wanted to let everybody know the upfront since she would be working with Sundar as well as Ruth (CFO of Google) to get a great leader for the People Operations team.

Google has been criticized for the diversity issues which include lower retention rates of the black, Native and Latinx employees. Last November, Google changed its all-hands meeting policy in a bid to prevent the leakage to the media.

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