Google Stadia Declares Free Service for Everyone

Google LLC has announced free service for its Google Stadia game-streaming platform to anyone with a Gmail Account and a supported device and controller. A smooth internet connection is also a prerequisite. Currently, the service is open in only 14 countries. Anybody from those regions can have the pro version with a lot of built-in games.

The company stated in a latest blog post that they had to open up this service due to the enormous pressure of the coronavirus pandemic. They hope that the service will help people socialize with their friends and families during this challenging time. Aiming for that that the company decided to make the service free for these 14 countries.

Customers who have already subscribed to the premier version don’t have to pay for the next two months. To cope with this ongoing debate and demand, the company has defaulted Stadia’s steam to 1080p.  It can be changed anytime from setting options, though.

It may not look like a big offer at this moment but can be the first leap of making the next big announcement. Stadia is a concrete way to play games on any device that powerful enough to support it. Underpowered laptop or other incompatible devices can’t stream it.

On devices that support Android, people need to download the app and on laptops or pc, they will need Chrome. TV users need to have a Chromecast Ultra and iOS still doesn’t support Stadia.

Though Google has a featured controller for Stadia and it is the only controller that works with Chromecast, players can use their own controller for other devices.

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