GoFundMe Launches Free Platform for the Nonprofits and Charities, roll out Button to Donate Everywhere

GoFundMe has made their name as a reliable platform for the individuals. They are now a platform to build fundraisers for the personal causes and it is a service which has seen several campaigns that went viral via social media platforms to raise more than $5 billion in funding. Now, the startup is thinking about their next step to create what their CEO calls “giving layer of the internet”.

GoFundMe is starting a free-to-use platform for the nonprofits to all sizes which is called GoFundMe Charity. For the first time GoFundMe has created an innovative button which can easily be integrated into apps of websites to donate money whenever people need. Both of these will roll out by November. This charity platform has already counted the nonprofits organizations like American Cancer Society along with the Boston Marathon in their customers.

Providing services to the nonprofit organizations is not new for GoFundMe. They had acquired CrowdRise which in 2017, actually focused particularly on the nonprofits and day by day began to integrate into the bigger platform. Since the last year, the company has offered an impressive service for the teams and groups which also includes the nonprofit groups. They offered it to come together so that it can be easier to raise for the specific issue. With this recent starting, teams of fundraising remain but GoFundMe is going to sunset the CrowdRise and will be transitioning the platform of the nonprofit customers.

On the business model, the charity team will have an option, either they can pay the fees to utilize that service, or they can utilize it for free by offering tipping feature which GoFundMe utilizes on their customer focused site and this is a departure comparing to platforms which empower several nonprofit events and sites. The company GoFundMe says that they will specify the donor-covered fees which will be public and closer to the starting date.

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